Smart Fabrics


Is smart fabrics a game changer in the Industry?
How well it can be scaled up and available for the masses?

Asha Rodrigues
69 months ago

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Smart fabrics is a very broad term, but if you look at Levis'/google project jacquard jacket which i own one. I think have the ability for the fabric to be interacting with the user is a game changer and is scalable.

Vincent Djen
69 months ago
Not a game changer at all - but a curiosity - Dr. David E. 56 months ago

Definitely it will be game changer in the fabric industry. Smart textiles are capable of sensing and reacting to environmental conditions or stimuli. Smart textiles find uses in many applications ranging from military and security to personalized healthcare, hygiene, and entertainment. Incorporation of nanotechnology into smart polymers has immense potential in designing multitude of product for meeting varied consumer needs. Some of the novel applications for real time monitoring health conditions and other applications can be achieved through smart fabrics are

  • Sweat pH
  • Skin pH
  • Smart antibacterial fabrics
  • Textile-based potentiometric sensor for metal ions & hydrogen ions
  • Fexible strain sensing fabrics
  • Smart wearable heaters ( Fabric coated with silver nanowire  or alike materials)
  • Acid and temperature dual-responsive cotton fabrics
  • Self cleaning fabric (possibility complete dirt repelling)
  • Switchable color changing for aesthetics or protection,
  • Controllable wettability
  • Breathable fabrics
  • Smart fabric based oxygen mask (possibility coated smart fabric specifically bind/adsorb atmospheric oxygen)

and may more possibilities

Samares B
69 months ago
Nice features - fewer real benefits - Dr. David E. 56 months ago

In a recent article in the LA Times, Eco-conscious activewear — made from, for example, recycled plastic bottles and recycled wool could be a trend that expands in 2018.

From a performance activewear standpoint; Sweat wicking, butt lifting, thigh firming, core supporting, tired-leg relieving: These are just a few ways technology is supercharging activewear. 

Charles Montenegro
69 months ago

Smart fabrics are a game changer and it is my mission to bring them to market in Men's and Women's activewear.
There are so many great applications for all of them. The trouble with bringing it to the masses (ie Walmart or Target) is that a retailer does not want to pay more for the garment. They would happily purchase if it was the same wholesale as their current assortment. They also balk at "gimmicks" and do not trust the technology to work. The last hurdle is that the major retailers are terrified of lawsuits. Any flaw that would adversely harm the skin or false claims as a potential downside is enough for any retailer to not buy the garment.
I strongly believe that in time it will happen.


Heather Verran
VP of Design

Heather Verran
69 months ago

Yes smart fabrics are game changers. Technology opens to several new opportunities that were not available in the past including transformation and communication. The more these will be developed the more could be scaled up and available for masses.

Paolo Beffagnotti
69 months ago

As per reports - 

"The global smart fabrics market is projected to rise at a colossal CAGR of 19.6% during the forecast period from 2017–2022. At the end of this period, the market is projected to gain a valuation of US$5.5B".

Smart fabric idea personally excites me. This is the combination of Material Science, Electronic and Sensors and being used in Military and Athetlatics primarily. However, a rich market such as healthcare is still to be explored. 

Hitesh Mathpal
56 months ago

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