Minimum requirements for Point of Care Ultrasound


With the advent of smaller, hand held devices, what are the minimum requirements for an ultrasound unit? Will small screen size in handheld devices will complicate visualization and increase false positives. Will small screen sizes allow proper measurements/calcs? Should there be a distinction in the industry between portable and hand held?

Point of Care
Bedside Ultrasound
W. Todd Pedersen
9 months ago

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One consideration will be DICOM compatibility.

Mark Hiatt
9 months ago

Interesting question that I am confronted with on a weekly basis here..
The questions of 'minimum requirements' strictly depends on the modality it is being used in.
Clearly, the smaller the screen of the device the more difficult the visualization, but this does not mean
that the quality of the image is compromised. Terason, for example, has a tablet form ultrasound device
that is simply spectacular! Providing HD quality imaging and superior visualization from the tablet.

Hand held vs portable.
Big difference.
This strictly depends on the modality -- there will be instances where a hand held would mean that it would need to be
covered sterile, with the operator being sterile as well (if being used in trauma, or contaminated areas) - or the beauty of
portable is that they can be on a stand, cart or wheeled around in compact form and used at bedside, or in labs.

Lets discuss further.

Ovi Cioloca
9 months ago

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