Blockchain Caveats


While blockchain has been heralded as a transformational technology, it may not necessarily solve all the problems that it has been hyped up to solve, and could lead to new types of problems. What do you see are the associated problems?

Blockchain Technology
Implementation Methodology
Matthew Liotine, PhD
49 months ago

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New types of problems? sometime complexity could lead to human errors, security just comes with simplicity, costs and speed, size of the blockchain, regulation and jurisdiction

Paolo Beffagnotti
49 months ago

Until blockchain is more mature, unintended consequences.

Tom Walls
49 months ago

I think there are two kind of problems. The first one are traditional , such as security, performance and scalability. Many bloc chains are dealing with these problems. Still there are no standards (at least global) for blockchain.
The second kind of problems are identifying the use cases. Honestly, internet and client server arrangements are doing pretty good for various systems.  A strong business case in terms of clear ROI has to be there switching something to blockchain.  

Hitesh Mathpal
49 months ago

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