Bedsite ultrasonography adoption positive effects


What do you think it's the overall costs reduction using bedside ultrasonography, for the hospital itself and for the patient recovery ?

Patient Safety
Patient Outcomes
Cost Reduction
Bruno Conte
10 months ago

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Focused echocardiography in ICU a must for quality care. PROVEN INCREASED REVENUE is not a reason to do it but helps make it feasible. FAST exam mandatory in ED. As medical students learn ultrasonography as an extension of routine physical exam, it will become common place at the bedside on med-surg floors, offices, and clinics and at home via telemedicine
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David Levien
10 months ago
Fully agree. It will be difficult to prove any cost-benefit of focused echo(cardio)graphy at the ICU since staffing is the major cost-driver. However, focused ultrasound needs to be spread for quality and patient safety purposes: 'closed ICU's' generally perform better and have improved patient outcomes, albeit ICU physicians should be trained in clinically relevant ultrasonography. - Jeroen 9 months ago

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