Blending Learning


What are the key challenges faced by facilitators in delivering Blended Learning effectively?

Harish Shah
54 months ago

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To make sure you pick up a pace that is suitable to most participants. When you are blending technology with in-class instructions, you will find a wide variation of skills levels among the participants. You don’t want to be too slow to bore the advanced students but at the same time not too fast to leave many behind in doing an in-class exercise.

Arvind Shrikant Tripathi, PMP, MBA, MBB, MSIE, CMQ/OE
54 months ago
Fully agree, you need to be a skilled storytelling to create interest and keep students attention after a long day of training - Paolo 54 months ago

Understand the real learning needs and find the right content for the right environment. Too often, people are sent to courses by their managers whereas they might not see or understand the need themselves. Once you’re clear on your audience and their asks, tailor the offering - deep knowledge transfer face to face, more process and solutions oriented stuff can go into virtual rooms, webinars, videos etc. And don’t forget to have fun along the way, it will reciprocate! And learnings will anchor around that experience, which is what you want after all.

Tatjana Tasan
54 months ago

Pedagogy in the hybrid or blended learning environment should still meet the needs of the learners and enrich the learning community, while at the same time, deliver against the course learning outcomes. Adjunct professors and online learning instructors tend to have an edge vs. full-time professors in this area, especially those that have a masters degree in the subject matter in addition to a masters in education. Publishers have plenty of resources that can be integrated into blended learning environments, but instructors need to understand how to do appropriately do this and be able to utilize them. I believe colleges and universities will create new roles to facilitate this training across its academics.

Vic Clesceri
25 months ago

The idea of mixed learning is straightforward. It is a strategy by which understudies can learn in both an actual area (at school) and on the web. This is finished by utilizing a blend of human connection and virtual learning...

Sarah Smith
3 months ago

To me the main challenge is linked to technology. everyone needs to have access to the adequate technology and have a minimum expertise on this. If anything goes wrong lessons are disrupted and became very challenging for students to successfully complete their tasks

Paolo Beffagnotti
54 months ago

True time commitment and dedication during the virtual parts is difficult. Attendance is often (too) low, and assignments not done. A lot of catch up needs to be done during face to face.

When I design new learning, I prefer to use social learning for the virtual part, and forgo assignments unless absolutely necessary.

Bart Groenewoud
51 months ago

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