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Now a day, the AI technologies acumulate so much private information (personal and non-personal) that I wonder what happend with it when one of us dies. Can we  leave our subscriptions as an inheritance to our children, and they can ask for example to Hotmail or facebook for the access to our account if they don´t have the password? Nowaday the information keept in AI technologies should be regulated as a property which should be inherited from both parents unless parents do not consent previously. Somebody have any legal advice regarding this issue?

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María F Lara
50 months ago

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When passing away any information or subscription will remain online. On Facebook for example you can do this, Every hosting provider has his own policies, to remove information the only way is try to follow these.

Paolo Beffagnotti
50 months ago
I don´t want to remove muy info, I want my sons to be able to have access to my social account data once I´ll pass away... - María F 49 months ago
the easiest solution is to store all the info in a place that they could have easy access to - Paolo 49 months ago

Social Media became a part of our reality. Due to this, you may think to include relevant guidance in your last will. With this the indicated family member may include closing information on the Social Media side and closes it. If not the individual policy from the Social Media provider applies.

Patrick Henz
50 months ago
Thanks, I would love to include the right to access to my personal social accounts Evel if the y don´t hace my password, so I gises the y could contact Facebook for example and ask for my password once I die - María F 49 months ago
If you want to define the right to access all personal social accounts, why you not just add your password directly inside the last will? If the document is kept at your personal lawyer, it should be safe. - Patrick 49 months ago
Of course I am sensing a business that a startup will offer the possibility to store your social media passwords and would send them to the defined receivers in the case of your death. In future this may even get more relevant, as AI programmers could use this information to create a chat-bot with your personality. So maybe you may also define that your accounts get deleted. - Patrick 49 months ago

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