2018 main digital trends


Which could be the main trends for digital in 2018? Maybe IoT, digital currencies, AI, mobile devices first. Anything else?

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Paolo Beffagnotti
55 months ago

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That's an interesting question. I never saw so many trends beginning at the same time. I believe in the next year:

  • Blockchain technology will be used on incredible applications besides criptocurrency - Microsoft is already offering Blockchain-As-A-Service with Azure;
  • Mixed reality will have a new high with the entering of Magic Leap in the game;
  • AI in natural language processing for mobile will become very natural allowing seamless conversations with Siri, Google and Alexa;
  • Smart Cities and edge computing will be huge, with cities being build up from scratch like Neom in Arabia Saudi;
  • Commerce and industry will change drastically with the replace of technologies like Amazon Go and autonomous robots.
Ricardo Santos
55 months ago
I just looked at Magic Leap and this is crazy, so interesting! Thanks for sharing it - Paolo 55 months ago

I feel they will be in the following order:

IoT devices more within work and home along with smart cities.
AR in the workplace more so within engineering and manufacturing.
AI everywhere, AI as a Service for example allowing more businesses to utilise the solutions without in-house expertise.
Autonomous vehicles and supply transport including a rise in drone usage.
Blockchain and decentralised applications becoming more of a norm.
Improvement on how cryptocurrency is mined which in turn is an improvement on decetralised application hashrates/economical improvements with regards to power consumption.

Chris Allen
55 months ago
I am really curious about how autonomous vehicles and supply transport including drone usage will be developed - Paolo 55 months ago

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