Is portable the new standard?


Given the growing MS of portable U/S - do you think this trend is going to continue and will eventually replace non-portable U/S devices in general?

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Tobias Raberger
50 months ago

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It will be for shure

petar popov
50 months ago

yes portable will be the new standard. Some challenges are still to be fixed however these devices look more and more desk computers

Paolo Beffagnotti
50 months ago

Great questions..
Working with ultrasound for over ten years now, I have used all kinds of ultrasound machines.
In the past 5-7 years I have been using strictly portable machines.
You would be shocked at the quality these portable machines (ie. Terason, GE, Phillips) can produce... many
times better than the non portable 'dinosaurs' (as we call them).

Portable is the new wave, and will replace non portable machines in the very near future.
Many major hospitals, clinics and offices I consult with have already made the switch and adapted the
portable ultrasound trend, and I believe many more will, not only nationally but worldwide as well.

This is the future.
Lets continue this conversation.

Ovi Cioloca
49 months ago

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