What industry is most prime for digital transformation?


Out of all of the industries some will be more prime for digital transformation.
Which do you see being the most ready for this change and why?
Please exclue any that have undergone this change already.

Cloud Computing
Digital Transformation
Digital Strategy
Chris Allen
51 months ago

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Health care industry. The process maybe already started but we are at a very beginning in my opinion.
Cloud. Sharing medical information and live tracking of the exams results with an easy access from any device including mobiles too.
Medical tests. Some devices can already run some basic tests, e.g. ECGs, thermometer. You could do this in any place, you don't need to be at home or at the hospital. More detailed tests could be set up in the future.
Telemedicine. This will help to crash geografic barriers, patients in remote areas could have access to highest care services. Furthermore this will drop time and costs.

Paolo Beffagnotti
51 months ago
HC is least primed. - Dr. David E. 37 months ago

Financial Services

Don Carli
51 months ago
Agree - automation. - Dr. David E. 37 months ago

All the industries but I would like to start with -

  1. Banking and Insurance
  2. Manufacturing ( Supply chain is a big area)
  3. Healthcare
  4. Legal services
Hitesh Mathpal
35 months ago
Intangible services: are easy - Dr. David E. 35 months ago
Health Care is most difficult - Dr. David E. 35 months ago

All the industry need a digital transformation to grow in market and give a great market hold.

But I think "Retail " business need to digitalize more.

Er. B
35 months ago
Retail cheap products via SCM; agree - Dr. David E. 35 months ago

Oil and gas is going through a huge digital transformation, currently. While some companies are already deep into this process, many are just getting started. There is such a huge opportunity for this industry to continue to move into digital, but more importantly to capture the data and format it in a useable way. Energy companies have massive amounts of data - that is hidden in paper or scanned images.

Avis Bray
27 months ago

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