What challenges is your organization experiencung in terms of attracting top talent?

Hiring Employees
Adam Nowaczynski MBA
51 months ago

2 answers


One of the most challenging topic is related to a possible relocation. Sometime people does not want to move away from its place, especially if this could impact on the whole family. It is not easy especially if the person just had kids, you need to have really an open family to face this.

Paolo Beffagnotti
51 months ago

The last company I was with had a very poor reputation with clients and the marketplace. This made is very difficult to attract talent because winners want to join winning organizations. Therefore I brought executives with me who had worked for me at other organizations. I described the challenges and opportunities and was totally transparent while recruiting them. Some chose to take the leap and take on the new challenge. Others declened. We had a real impact on the company bringing it from near failure to profitability.

Christian J. Farber
51 months ago

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