Factors affecting human growth (height) and growth after age 30.


What are the factors affecting growth (height) in human being? Is it possible to increase height after the age of 30?

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Abhishek Raj
58 months ago

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Most of the factors affecting growth are genetic and physiological. Growth plates in the legs (called epiphyseal plates, located at the end of each leg bone) are areas of growth in humans. This is what causes leg bones to grow. Bones are dynamic tissues that are capable of maintenance and remodelling. The plate is found in children and adolescents. In adults, who have stopped growing, the plate is replaced by an epiphyseal line. This replacement is known as epiphyseal closure. Earlier on in the womb, a process known as endochondral ossification creates the initial bone tissue. Both play integral roles in human growth where research shows does stop at adulthood. Certain pituitary cancers can cause abnormal excessive growth in humans that can last for decades after adulthood.

Jeffrey Seres, EIT
58 months ago
Very interesting, did not know that about the pituitary cancers. - Dr. Keith 58 months ago
Thank you for your lovely answer Jeffrey. - Abhishek 58 months ago

After 30 years height can be increased surgically, through ilizarov's techinque. For more details mail me anirban.drab@gmail.com

Dr Anirban Biswas
58 months ago
Thank you for your answer Dr. Anirban. Please could you briefly explain about ilizarov's technique. Are there any other methods without surgery? - Abhishek 58 months ago

Growth is mostly due to genetics and diet. After age 30 I do not know any natural way to increase you height. I'm sure there may be some surgeries but I would not do that. I would just get your body nomatter your size in excellent shape through exercise and proper nutrition.

Keith Kantor
58 months ago
Thanks for your answer Dr. Keith. I've seen many natural and herbal medicines available in the market who claims to increase the height after the age of 30 naturally. What do you say about this as a naturopathic doctor? - Abhishek 58 months ago
I have seen no studies or clinical proof that any of those work. - Dr. Keith 58 months ago

Answer: maybe. If nutritional deficiencies have stunted growth then meeting those deficiencies may affect growth further down the line.

Jacquie Walburn
58 months ago
Thanks for your answer Dr. Jacquie. - Abhishek 58 months ago

Human growth depends on multiple factors such as (i) Genetics, (ii) Ethnicity, (iii) Birth-weight, (iv)Premature-birth, (v) Hormones, (vi) Nutritional, and (vii) Environment. Among these Genetics, hormones and nutrition are the most important factors.

There is no report in the literature on the biological growth of human at and post 30 years, unless it is artificiality done through surgical procedure or genetic modifications!

Samares B
57 months ago
Thanks for your answer. Are the artificial procedure safe and reliable? - Abhishek 57 months ago
As most of the process are cosmetic modifications, all depend on the acceptability of an individual! - Samares 57 months ago

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