Ethereum - $1,000 in 2018?


Ethereum is now around $360

and moving steadily higher as the network and blockchain develops and grows inder Vitalik's leadership. I have been in ETH since August 2016 and my highest forecast for 2017 was $200....that has been smashed a number of times

There is a new forecast for $1,000 in 2018
It's a great read and makes sense

What are your thoughts?

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Antony Welfare
71 months ago

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$1,000.00 ETH end of year 2018 seems reasonable to me, provided nothing happens to Vitalik or the SEC doesn't step in with heavy legislation. Just need Casper update and some zk-snarks. With the way ETH roadmap gets delayed, maybe it's more reasonable to think Q2 2019, but either way it's coming soon.

Michael Yabut
71 months ago
Agreed - The SEC regs is an interesting point - they can't regulate ETH, but the can regulate the transaction from $ to ETH. They are not minded to destroy tech and innovation - they just want their tax share!! - Antony 71 months ago

this is now 1,385$, price is up around 60% in just one week. The creator, Mr. Nerayoff, said it could double or triple this year

Paolo Beffagnotti
70 months ago
1,218$ today, -12% in one day: completely out of control - Paolo 70 months ago
Down 14% today folllowing to this, - Paolo 69 months ago

it is really unpredictable right now. Just look at the trend during the last 3 months: now it is 368$, it was 212$ on September 15 and 392$ on September 1. Source:
Eveything could happen in 1 year, it could be 1K $ or maybe 200$ again.

Paolo Beffagnotti
71 months ago

Difficult to forecast. We missed the "flippening" earlier this year, but if BTC runs into continued problems with the "civil war" and scalability, ETH could steal back market share. Achieving BTC's market share based on current valuations would mean roughly $1000.

Faisal Khan
71 months ago
Lower - Dr. David E. 57 months ago

An interesting article about the value of Ethereum and Bitcoin on Black Friday,,35997.html

Paolo Beffagnotti
71 months ago
Ethereum Bitcoin’s younger cousin has its own programming language that people can use to write so-called smart contracts, applications that run on processing power provided by computers on the network. - Dr. David E. 56 months ago

439USD now. +28% in 1 month, +90,3% in 1 year.
Average for 2017 is 184,1USD, minimum was 8,1, maximum was 476,1.

Paolo Beffagnotti
71 months ago
Whether  ethereum or other “coins” succeed  - the slaughtering rapidity of techno-culture shocks remains to be seen.


Yes, they are traded assets that can make you rich or poor. That’s certainly interesting. What matters much more than their capital markets is that each has attempted to confront crucial problems that can liberate the ramifying “potential energies” of other technologies that can plug in to them.

Their premises spur economy-generating economies.
Any philosophical thoughts?

Dr. David E. M
58 months ago

Ethereum was meant to get a major revamp this week.

The software upgrade, which was scheduled to begin on January 16 and take a few days to complete, was supposed to introduce five new features designed to improve the blockchain network’s performance and set the stage for additional future upgrades.

But, after third-party researchers realized one of the changes would make the network more vulnerable to hackers, the so-called “hard fork” had to be postponed at the last minute.
The decision to postpone by Ethereum’s developers was not just merely an inconvenience for those who want it to evolve and eventually become a blockchain-based alternative to the web. It once again highlighted how Ethereum may need to sacrifice some of its beloved “decentralization” if it is ever to achieve its ambitious mission

Dr. David E. M
57 months ago

It didn't happen. And the way crypto maket is going no sign for 2019 as well. They should focus more as a platform for B2B then crypto gamble,

Hitesh Mathpal
56 months ago
Total agreement - the platform is the jewel - Dr. David E. 56 months ago

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