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What percent of educational systems have quality vegetarian meals and how can more give these meals a trial?

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Amy Anderson MS RDN LDN
36 months ago

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As a former HS teacher, I can tell you some districts/school's food choices have become more nutritious over the years but kids don't make very good choices. I see them with a bag of chips & a fruit punch for lunch or go off campus to get fast food. There is always fruit (apples/oranges/pears/...), salads, beans/salsa, other veggies (bags of carrots/celery) available at the cafeteria (but they are not organic) but I see few kids eating them. I see more of them eating the cheap hambergers, pizza, fish sticks & fries, etc. After seeing how other contries do food, it is rather shamefull how we do it. The schools don't really make food any more. Food is brought in & heated on site.

Jacquie Walburn
35 months ago
These are good points. I really feel detailed education on the benefits of components of fruit and vegetables need endlessly displayed to our children, youth, and even adults so they always have more reasons to choose better choices. - Amy 35 months ago

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