Replace or Clean commode seats?


Do you opt to replace between tenants the commode seats or do you use a green / natural cleaning approach whether through a hired service or in-house staff?

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Suzanne Beers
71 months ago

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In-house staffing for such tasks are usually more benefitial to a company's financial being and objective than hiring for the service. Natural products are a perfect way to go as well. Vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice are all excellent all natural cleaners. Vodka is also used to clean off buildup on stainless steel products.

Lauren Arielle
71 months ago

I think it would be wasteful to throw out the seats, unless there's damage that visibly looks dirty.

Jordan A
71 months ago
  • Replacing commode seats will have unfavorable effects to the environment and the organization (or user), (i) It will add another piece of garbage in the environment and (ii) it will impart cost to the organization (or user).
  • In my opinion the best solution is to give a thorough hygiene cleaning in between tenants. There are multiple natural and well as very mild wash (cleansers) are available that might be best to keep the commode cleans and hygienically fit for use for a long period of time.
  • It would be better to have have a dedicated in-house staff rather hiring service provider for cleanness and hygiene.
Samares B
70 months ago

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