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One question I had once by a host in my airbnb was regarding the products used for Bathroom Hygiene being skin frienly or not....., since then, I always tend to buy skin sensitive product. Are there any specific brand that are economic enough to mantain the price of the room?
Another question I have is regarding bathroom hygiene product use to prevent transmision of disseases... which product are the best in term of killing bacterias and virus?

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María F Lara
58 months ago

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María F Lara It's hard to go wrong with Cerave or Cetaphil products, which you can get in travel sizes. They are both hypoallergenic and very gentle. As far as cost effective bathroom cleaning, I would think that plain old bleach diluted with water or vinegar would be ideal.

Katie S
58 months ago
Thanks - María F 58 months ago

Dear Maria,
You can use the products from Reckitt Benckiser. They are safe to use and skin friendly. You can also try diluting any of your regular shampoo, squeeze a lemon for fragnance or else you can add a spoon of dettol to it and use it for cleaning.

Abhishek Raj
58 months ago
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There are many natural ingredients based bathroom hygiene products are available that may be available in online stores. The mildness and sensitivity towards skin depends on the kind of ingredients used in the formulation. Some of the brands playing in the nature-based ingredients domain are

  1. Method
  2. Puracy
  3. Earth Friendly Products
  4. Better Life
  5. Ecover
  6. Eco Me
  7. Seventh generation

other mass brands are

  1. Lyzol
  2. Clorox
Samares B
55 months ago

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