Airline Interiors - Comfort vs. Visual Appeal


Airlines and airline manufactureres have been focusing on the redesign of interior cabins for travellers. Efforts have been made to improve the overall ambience and experience through lighting, improved entertainment and cabin design. While this has been occuring the size of seats and legroom for passangers on average have decreased.

  1. What are your thoughts on the improvements in the interior ambience of planes?
  2. Have you noticed the decrease in able room on airlines in your travels?
  3. Do you beleive there has a been a trade off in size / space for improved interior design and features? If you do please elaborate on your thoughts of why and are these trade offs positive or negative for the industry?
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Mike Jarmus
35 months ago

2 answers

  1. No improvements. Airplanes are still crowded, hot and sometimes smelly.
  2. I have noticed the decrease in space in regular economy seats. I'm very tall and it's obvious.
  3. I'd rather have size/space than "improved interior design and features." It's impossible to enjoy aethetics or entertainment if you are uncomfortable in the seat.
Katie S
35 months ago
Cheap - cheaper and cheapest - Dr. David E. 19 months ago

What I like about updated planes is that they are (or at least seem to be) cleaner! Airplanes are germy places.

  1. I am happier on recently updated planes. I also trust them for safety since they are newer. I know that may not be the case, but perception is reality.
  2. Seats seem to be shrinking. I have high status on one airline so I sit near the front. Recently I have had to sit in the back of the plane. It is ridiculous how small the seats are and how little "legroom" you get. For me it's not about the room for legs, it is about being able to use my laptop before or after the person in front of me decides to recline.
  3. I believe the first/business class and economy plus/comfort are not so bad. But economy is probably the same as in the 1950's even though people are bigger now. Perhaps economy seats have actually shrunk to make more room upfront. Airline seats are small and uncomfortable. I remember how Midwest Express had all first class seats at economy fares. There is a huge opportunity for innovation in airline seating!
Dawn Houghton
35 months ago
Well said - Dr. David E. 19 months ago

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