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Patient navigators have been proven to be successful improving quality and patient experience as well as reducing the total cost of care in many service lines. Have you demonstrated a ROI for your clinical navigators in your organization in the CV service line? Many navigators focus on patient/family engagement or activation, avoidable ED visits or readmissions, working with community resources to solve social determinant barriers, and optimizing their complex medical conditions. Please identify three lessons learned to demonstrate value and what patient condition they focus on (e.g. CHF, AMI, EP, heart surgery, etc.).

Patient Outcomes
ROI Strategies
Avoidable (preventable_ hospital readmissions - Medicare
Bundled Payment Strategy
Patient Engagement, CRM, Secure Messaging
Phone Application
Population Health Management
Value Propositions
Social Determinants Of Health
Mike Schweitzer, MD, MBA
10 months ago

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Metrics that are measured are the ones that begin to matter. Therefore, you need to set up the metrics that you want to target based on the area that you want to improve. If you could share what specific data metric that you want to improve on, that will allow me to better answer the question. For example, if you are focused on CHF patients and reducing repeat hospitalization during first 30 days hospital discharge, then you need to monitor what has been done to prevent this. Has home health been ordered and received, did the agency have a CHF program, what did their program include? Telehealth? Did they provide scales? What teaching has been used? We follow a specific program and track the patients using our program to see if we are making a difference. Not sure this helps but have a great day!

Cheryl Peltekis, RN
10 months ago

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