Factors of topmost priority for business travelers


What factors are of topmost priority to frequent business travellers when choosing an airline?
Could it be price, route, connection, convenience, in flight entertainment, meals, leg room, prestige or frequent flyer programme?

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Emmanuel Ekpenyong
11 months ago

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My priorities are always:

  1. Price
  2. Route (what's fastest and matches the time I want to leave/arrive)
  3. Connections - I avoid flying through NYC area airports like the plague.

Sometimes price and route compete with each other if the trip is especially quick turnaround. I care very little about the other priorities you listed, unless they are noticeably annoying (smelly food, in-flight entertainment blaring loudly due to sound broken, ect.).

Katie Switzer
10 months ago

The most important reason I stay with the airline I have the highest status in is that they take care of me when I have a flight disruption. Also by having status I can jump lines, get better seats and free luggage, qualify for upgrades. I have the choice of only three airlines leaving my small town. I choose my high status airline 75% of the time. The only reason I will go with one of the others is significant price discount or a desire for a different connecting city due to weather.

Dawn Houghton
10 months ago

Direct flight to my destination is first consideration and then airline and then cost. It also depends on which airport I will fly out of as there are several choices in resonable proximity to my home.

Ann Daw
11 months ago
Ann, not many people like those long and never ending hours in airport departure halls. However some low cost airlines can woo travellers (especially tourists!) with mouth-watering fares. - Emmanuel 10 months ago

My personal priorities for business travel are as follows:

  1. Convience / Route (Tied)
  2. Frequent Flyer Program
  3. Price

Convience / Route: I need to be able to get to my destination in a timely manner for my meetings and work. Waits of money and time if I can not make it to where I am going conviently and quickly.
Frequent Flyer Program:
I typically fly on airlines that I trust, because of teir good service and good frequent flyer programs for members
I have to be considerate of pricing for work expenses. I have preferences on flying certain airlines, but will opt for others if the price it to ridiculous and the costs does not justify the trip.

Mike Jarmus
10 months ago

From a business travel experience the priority would be:

  • Schedule (flight routes and times)
  • ability to be flexible with the schedule (domestic / short/medium distance flights), so ability to take a later/earlier flight easily (touch of a button)
  • predictability of the waitingtimes at the airport
  • on longer flights quality of the seats (ability to sleep/work)
Peter Huisman
10 months ago
@Peter, great insight. However can one really predict the waiting time at the airport? Quality of seats is very important for long hauls. - Emmanuel 10 months ago

Price, connections, route and convenience

Paolo Beffagnotti
10 months ago
Price all the way Paolo! - Emmanuel 10 months ago
Price all the way but in combination with route and connections too, sometime it happened that the cheaper way was a nightmare with too much time to spend at airports - Paolo 10 months ago

Price was always my first consideration. convenience of schedule would be second - ideal arrival time. i flew over a dozen times for business trips from california to florida to chicago to PA, etc.

Sara Jewell
11 months ago
Sara, I feel you. Price is for me a key consideration except where my employer defines the airline of choice. Some of the low cost airlines have eaten deep into the market share of the traditional flyers. All because of price! - Emmanuel 10 months ago

Definitely price first, conveneince of schedule 2nd.

Diane Bukatman
11 months ago
Diane, it appears that the worse the schedule, the cheaper the fare. Some terrible airline schedules with very awful transit times can almost cost as much as a taxi fare! - Emmanuel 10 months ago

Price and in flight entertainment is probably what will make a West African travelling to the Americas first fly eastwards for 6-8 hours to Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Doha and then fly westwards for 14 hours across the Atlantic to the Americas.

Emmanuel Ekpenyong
10 months ago

1) Total Travel time both ways
2) IF long distance like Copenhagen - Manila - awoid UK as first leg stopover.
3) If 2 or more step flights are needed to bring price down - chosing comfortable functional airports for that.
Like no reason for eating a McDonalds Camel Burger in SA/ME if i can sit some hours in BK SGP SH HK or so.
4) Never tak your 2 stop over in an American Airport - period - it will take you 3 hours to come up from underground emigration lines shift terminals, go busses all along your full bagage. Chose to take the stopover in an central EU or Asian airport and LAND IN USA at your distination.
5) Look at bagage costs and extra Bagage/Lugage costs - the prices varies globally from 1-7 U$D/Kg (Asia - china cheapest) to about 20 U$D /Kg in Copenhagen/Nordics airports out bound and 15$ home bound.
6) Use countries with a normalized security level - today there is no international rules on what is allowed to bring into cabin.
7) Price of ticket
8) food and service level included on flights at Tourist Class
8) Comfort ( im small so not so important )

Jannick Halben
10 months ago

My top priorities for traveling are:
Route (what's fastest and matches the time I want to leave/arrive , then price then airline.
It would be better if airlines offered more food, snacks, drink selections on their flights. This would best accomplished via their website when booking the flight, then you can select your food, snack, drink choices to enjoy during the flight.

David Barckhoff-Sag-Aftra/Producer, Director
6 months ago

One argument I haven't seen above is choice of airport. I know that you seldomly have the luxury of selecting where to fly to: you go to where you need to be, or you fly from where you are. Still, for regional flights I find myself opting for my local airport even at the expense of more travel upon arrival if it offsets the drama of large airport hussle. Example: I would always fly to London City rather than Heathrow if given the option.

Bart Groenewoud
6 months ago

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