what relationship to LED light is natural light considered in the same application?


LED spectrum is perhaps limited excitation level of wave spectrum. How is this compared to sunlight for purification and is there a mix of technologies to use to best inhance the oily water waste destruction?
Also, light is only functional to promote more rapid kinetics, by itself it does no more tha excite reaction sites of molecules. So the forum needs to look at what is the mechanism for reduction of waste water target compounds.

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Human tendency is always there to prefer natural substances over their synthetic counterparts in the domains of food and medication, which is equally true for choosing source of light, Natural or artificial. It has been well established from several studies for a natural preference of light as compared to artificial origin of light. The only limitation of natural light, i.e. sunlight has is that its properties such as intensity, brightness etc can not be controlled. These limitations of natural light bring the requirement of have source of controlled light. One of the source of light is the Light Emitting Diode (LED).

LED light has huge potentials over natural light for creating favorable environment for both animal and plant kingdom. It can also be used for improving efficiency and effectiveness for both the kingdom.

It is known that light and brightness play important role in driving people behavior (Cognitive processes and Mood regulation). Several studies has been done to understand the effect of light and brightness on the reflective and impulsive behavior and underlying processes and it was found that (i) Bright light and priming brightness promote reflection instead of impulse, (ii) Brightness leads to public self-awareness and a reflective self, (iii) Brightness facilitates the automatic inhibition of desires and impulses, (iv) cooler light exposure improves the cognitive system's capacity to deal with multiple task representations, (v) specific lighting situations have different effects on human performance in work environment and social behavior, (vi) variable light could directly reduce students/pupils' restlessness and improve their social behaviors.
Therefore, light design at home, educational institutes, work environment, social gathering, retail spaces, therapeutical settings, conference room etc might be very useful. To design this kind of lighting environment, LED plays very important role.

The Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lights for indoor cultivation has significantly grown. It has been established that the production of phytochemicals that determine fruit/vegetable quality, nutritive value and over all plant/tree growth characteristics depend on the spectrum of lights. The LED lights significant effect on the promotion of plantlet development and increased survival rate, shoot and root biomass, root number and length, leaf number and area, and chlorophyll content.

Therefore, as an artificial light source, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can be used to make the vegetables grow more quickly in closed-type plant production systems, especially in the environment of the light intensity is insufficient.

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