Disruption in Medical Field


What new technologies will disrupt the medical field? Robotic automation of surgery and telehealth are two top trends that come to mind, for example, but what would need to be true to have them become adopted cross industry?

Artificial Intelligence
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39 months ago

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Artificial Intelligence is obviously going to disrupt the medical field in future. Also, internet is disrupting the medical field as people are more busy these days and they tend to have online advise from doctors and experts.

Abhishek Raj
39 months ago
How exactly does online info equate to care? - Dr. David E. 24 months ago
Libraries have been around for centuries - Dr. David E. 24 months ago

Telemedicine will continue to expand its scope in healthcare and will be a positive disruption for patients and practitioners. This will also improve access to healthcare in rural markets that cannot afford certain specialists.

Kim Walker
39 months ago
Nothing new here. Most m-health and tel-health aps and initiatives are just lost leaders to acquire real patients = business - Dr. David E. 24 months ago

In terms of robotic automation of surgery, surgical robots will continue to advance, but are you asking about eventual removal of the doctor entirely for certain operations? The biggest hurdles would be the inherent subjectivity in our current approach to surgery, as well as variability from patient to patient -- not to mention the stigma surrounding "intelligent" robots that have the capability to replace a traditionally human job. As for telehealth, many researchers have predicted continued growth for things like routine check-ups, but healthcare professionals have expressed concern that many diseases/conditions are difficult to diagnose without being physically present with a patient. Regular routine check-ups often help to detect serious health conditions, so this raises concern for preventative healthcare.

Stephanie Korszen
39 months ago
So. Can I sue the robot OR doctor? - Dr. David E. 24 months ago

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