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It is time to take the politics out of the equation. Our clientele has a high concentration of physicians, hospitals, systems, medical schools... But, the reality is healthcare insurance is not correctly structured. My new premium for my wife and my self is now $25,000 per year... With a $15K family deductible. OK for our economics but not for the masses. Best. g George Alexander, CFO SWPRE | Chairman SWPRE Philanthropy 713.918.9951

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George Alexander
35 months ago

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It's unfortunate, indeed, that high premium and deductible costs make healthcare unaffordable to working citizens. Although they have coverage, high out-of-pocket costs create issues associated with under-insurance. Being caught in the political crossfire, families often have to make tough decisions to obtain healthcare services.

Stefanie Corbett, DHA
30 months ago
Do you think health insurance should be able to be bought across state lines just like car, life, home insurance could help to make it cheaper? - David 30 months ago
Great question! Yes, I do. In my opinion, health insurance costs would be cheaper if bought across state lines. I believe competition as it relates to cost, quality and access should also be factors to influence costs. - Stefanie 30 months ago
Excellent reply Stefanie. I can't understand why health insurance has always been excluded from being bought across state lines. If we can get a mortgage from any company in any state the same needs to apply to health insurance. - David 30 months ago
whom do you trust in making healthcare decisions"? I trust my Doctor or Doctors and I to make very informed medical decisions based on correct pertinent medical tests, supported current research, and the diagnosis/condition - David 30 months ago
The state line prohibition to reduce corporate profligation and keep state control. - Dr. David E. 21 months ago
This is not a bad thing. - Dr. David E. 21 months ago

In the USA during the 1990's a single healthy male or female could buy a health insurance plan for about $35 - $100 a month and provide a lot of covered services. Now that obamacare destroyed the best healthcare system that same healthcare plan can cost more than a mortgage payment of $800 - $3,500 per month and be laden with coverages that many people don't need or want. So how can Congress and policy makers rewrite the health care laws and regulations to make healthcare cheaper under $500 per month for a family and under $150 per healthy single person while providing coverages and plan services that people do need and want so that more people can afford to buy it. "Making it mandatory and a criminal offense not to buy it is NOT a valid answer". 

An employee who buys Health insurance should be able to be covered in 30 days after full time employment unlike the 1990's where you had to wait 90 days before being eligible. Health insurance should cover all pre-existing medical conditions of the employee and their family and include ambulance and emergency room use and be portable from job to job. Part Timers should be able to buy health insurance after 30 or 60 days of employment depending on the number of weekly hours worked. The plan's coverages should be selected by the individual from a menu of services from the insurance company. This will allow the person to select what he or she wants to include in their plan and not have to pay for services that don't want or need. For example, a male does not need to be covered for OB/GYN services, while a woman does not need vasectomy coverage. 
What are your thoughts on making healthcare cheaper?

David Barckhoff-Sag-Aftra/Producer, Director
31 months ago
The "mandate" is gone. - Dr. David E. 21 months ago
Agree with the 10 covered issues silliness. - Dr. David E. 21 months ago
Covering pre-existing conditions makes it pay-as-you-go; not insurance at all. - Dr. David E. 21 months ago
And, thus no real reason to reduce moral hazards. - Dr. David E. 21 months ago

One thing is severely lacking in the USA's healthcare system is the lack of follow up with patients who are discharged from the hospital. The discharge notes all say the patients needs to call their doctor to follow up about their medical condition. My response is why rely on the patient or their family to only do the follow up? Why can't the hospital do a post discharge phone call to the patient and their family about 3-7 days after their discharge to see how the patient is recovering. The hospital needs to also notify the patients doctor of their discharge so the doctor can contact the patient also. This simple contact method would help to reduce patients from being readmitted within the 30 day window that is the standard measurement for hospitals to record. This could also discover whether the patient is doing better, or getting worse, or following or not following the prescribed medication dosing schedule. This would also reduce healthcare costs in that the patient would not need to be readmitted to the hospital within the 30 day window.

David Barckhoff-Sag-Aftra/Producer, Director
31 months ago
I've never been on staff of a hospital or ASC that did not do post DC f/u calls. - Dr. David E. 21 months ago

And youre not alone in that situation - affordable or not. Unfortunately politics and apathy have led us for 30+ years to this point. The can has landed, no more kicking down the road.
Thanks for sharing your experience.

Randy Vogenberg, PhD
35 months ago
Another thing is I don't like the fact the the funds put into medical savings accounts can't be carried over to another year. You either use it (in the same year) or lose it at the start of the next year. - David 31 months ago
NOPE: You are thinking FSA; not HSA - Dr. David E. 21 months ago

Health care has not built in incentives to deal with behavioral aspects that receive no compensation/reimbursement in the fee for service (FFS) environment. Now that the market is moving away from FFS to a value based approach, many items and issues are on the table for improvement with a focus on outcomes.

Randy Vogenberg, PhD
30 months ago
The move to VBC will be slow - Dr. David E. 20 months ago

Unfortunately or not, healthcare is primarily an insurance program that is available but not an entitlement. Tough choices are part of life in most countries, hence the societal need for direction.

Randy Vogenberg, PhD
30 months ago
DO you think health insurance should be able to be bought across state lines just like car, life, home insurance could help to make it cheaper? - David 30 months ago
Yes David, it looks like new Trump regulatory policies will allow crossing state lines. ERISA plans are already able to do that for self-insured employers. - Randy 30 months ago
Thank you for the great news Randy. I sure hope this will apply to individuals as well as company's of all sizes. - David 30 months ago
SORRY - Do not be so sure! - Dr. David E. 21 months ago

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