Blockchain is not only Bitcoin, but has a broader value. Agreed?
How the Blockchain technology can better regulate/manage cyptocurrency valuation?
From your perspective (as an investor/buyer, miner, exchange, wallet provider/user etc.), can you list the controls that potentially reglate crptocurrencies?

Blockchain Technology
Kishor Akshinthala
11 months ago

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A crypto asset could be a coin, utility token, or a tokenized security but its value is governed by the simple economics of supply and demand. A common feature of every crypto asset in that it is finite meaning supply happens mostly only once during a token generation event (TGE) or initiatlly referred to as an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This means that the value of this crypto asset depends purely on demand after this point.
Usually, the demand for an asset depends on its intrinsic value to be useful, be widely adopted, or its ability to deliver on a promise. However, the ICO space has been plagued by mass speculation with over-optimistic expectations about how every crypto asset is the next big thing. This means that when things get real, there are going to be only a few that do justice to their valuations. Hence, anyone who wants to invest in these crypto assets needs to understand its potential by performing highly sophisticated due-diligence that evaluates both the business and tech potential, and the track-record of the management team behind the crypto asset.
Crypto Assets are difficult to regulate or control through blockchain technology itself but there may be regulatory bodies that can intervene to ensure the crowd is protected and educated with proper frameworks to weed out scams or ICOs that produce no tangible value, have no merit or credibility as a feasible investment opportunity.

Timmy Wahba
11 months ago

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