How do you connect a patient with skin disease to a dermatologist?


How do you connect a patient with skin disease to a dermatologist? What kind of apps could be used to connect patient and heathcare providers? How does a pateint make better preparation before he/she visit the dermatologist in person?

Weihong Lai, MD, PhD, MMCi
27 months ago

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There are websites that seem to promote this kind of thing. Googling "dermatologist telemedicine" turns up a few. the latter with some support for interested dermatologists.
There seem to be some practice resources.
Googling "open-source dermatology telemedicine" turns up a few more resources that are worth a look.
"Collaborative platform for exchange of medical knowledge, distance consultations, group discussions and distance teaching in medicine."
software downloads here:
There is a reference to a online dermatology project amongst the papers listed.
In 2010, we launched a telemedicine platform with the vision that expert dermatological care could be offered to patients online....
A search under dermatology turns up a lot of options.
Good luck.

Michel Audette
27 months ago
As you can see, I have a black belt in googling. - Michel 27 months ago
  1. Dermoscopy Two Step Algorithm App: Dermoscopy Two Step Algorithm app is intended to help dermatologists interpret the dermoscopic patterns seen with their dermatoscope..Links: AndroidiOS
  2. MyDermPath+ App: MyDermPath+ app is developed by American Academy of Dermatology as a comprehensive resource for dermatologists and dermatopathologists. Links: AndroidiOS
  3. VisualDx App: VisualDx app helps medical providers make differential diagnoses of visually identifiable diseases based on patient-specific findings and images. Links: AndroidiOS
  4. Figure 1 App: It is a free, crowdsourced medical image sharing app for health care practitioners worldwide allowing them to access a plethora of medical images made and shared by other users, which could help them identify new clinical pathologies. Links: AndroidiOS
  5. Clearpath App: Clearpath app provides an array of continually changing slide cases and images to help a pathologist review new presentations of histological images. This is, according to the app's creators, the best way of learning dermatopathology, because the textbooks are limited by the number of images they can contain, while the Clearpath library of images and slides is constantly changing and expanding.  Links: iOS
  6. Dermatology A-Z App: Another app by American Academy of Dermatology in this list is intended for a general audience (patients) looking for skin health information. Links: AndroidiOS
  7. Spruce App: Spruce app connects patients with a board-certified US dermatologists for the remote diagnosis and treatment of a range of skin conditions including acne, anti-aging, male hair loss, rash, eczema, psoriasis, bug bites and stings. Links: AndroidiOS
  8. Doctor Derm App: Doctor Derm app is created by a board certified dermatologist, as a complete guide to dermatology written in easy to understand language and intended to the general public. Links: iOS
  9. MoleScope App: MoleScope app is a tracker app featuring 3D body map that helps users monitor their moles, lesions and skin changes over time, and identify suspicious moles, standalone or connected to MoleScope dermoscopy device. Links: AndroidiOS
  10. ZocDoc ( is among the apps that have revolutionized scheduling
  11. Klara (,
  12. Virtual Dermatologic (,
  13. SkyMD (
  14. Skin Advocate iPhone app (
Samares B
24 months ago
Clinical apps classified in ‘communication’ (as of Jan 2016) (An overview of clinically and healthcare related apps in Google and Apple app stores: connecting patients, drugs, and clinicians. - Samares 24 months ago
Mobile medical and health apps: state of the art, concerns, regulatory control and certification ( - Samares 24 months ago
American Academy of Dermatology ( - Samares 24 months ago

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