Neuralink and Supply Chain Management


What do you think is the applicability and the future of a technology like neuralink ( in the supply chain management arena?

Eduardo Vargas
39 months ago

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The Neuralink aims to augment the human being in total. This applies for private private life and all jobs. In general, the more software you are using in the job, the the bigger the advantage. If the SCM uses a lot of software and algorithm, Neuralink will push the processes to the next level.

But even if Neuralink will become reality, the costs would be high, so real day-to-day usage not to be expected in the short- or mid-range.

Patrick Henz
35 months ago
fully agree that the cost is too high, especially at this early stage. Neuralink is still getting funding to further develop his opportunities. Furthermore the founder, Mr. Musk said that Neuralink is a priority but just using 3 percent to 5 percent of his time as he spends almost all of his time on SpaceX and Tesla projects - Paolo 35 months ago
Agreed. Costs not only include Dollars, but also the willingness of the employees, to use such a Neuralink. This as if the brain is connected, it is hackable. - Patrick 35 months ago

Technology like neuralink will help speed up decision and save supply chain time and effort if it will be able to analyze big data and parameters in an easy and friendly way. Human and computer link would speed data analysis specifically when demand is variable and affected by external factors that might break regular trend behavior.

Gilbert Hobeika
39 months ago

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