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As we navigate the future of health how much of "what we think" v.s "what we do" will impact the success of determining how to best take care of not only our family and friends but our world? Can our minds and the health of our thoughts determine the results we hope to reach?
Can our conscious and unconscious thoughts impact our health enough to make a clear change in others?

Lisa Silberg
59 months ago

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The key is information and getting the information out to the public. They have to trust the source and we have to do this over and over again to teach them and have them believe that prevention, nutrition, exercise etc. is the answer to have good health, prevent disease and mitigate disease. It will take time but it is slowly happening. Once they really believe and see proof, studies etc. it will become part of their consious thinking. Until we do this the regular Doctors and big pharma will keep on ruling the message.

Keith Kantor
59 months ago

Great question. Thank you.
In my personal experience what we think has 100% influence in our lives.
Yes our conscious and unconscious thoughts impact our health. However we can only make change in ourselves it is not possible to make change in others. We can only influence others from where we are at, being the world we want to see is the only true way to have possitive impact in our areas of influnce.
The days of talk and writen good intentions are long gone, we are in the times of action.

Doug Anderson
59 months ago

In addittion to that, I believe that the world and individuduals need the pressure put by one more factor, that is... federal regulations to tackle and overcome all kind of actions driven by producers and suppliers of the long list of high caloric producto available to the generarl consumer. I understand the final decision comes from the buyer/consumer but in a world full of continuous and persistent marketing and advertising stragegies it is necessary the governement role of restricting in all kind of ways the path of those producers to influence day in and day out the minds of everybody looking to fullfill a basic need.

Armando Leyva
59 months ago

Our whole life depends on how we live, are we aware of what is happening to us, this can be in conscious and unconscious thoughts. We are actually driven by unconscious more in our life then conscious. If you look at when you get agree, you mind is not angry, actually body is angry. Just watch it, once you start looking at your anger your anger start disapering. We become anger, we become emotions, we become what we are not!
to live a balanced life one has to be aware and mindful. Meditations are the way to become aware of your emotions so you are not like pendulum (happy one moment and sad other moment). You watch both happiness and Sadness and say I am not happiness and Sadness I am experiencing both of them. The key is awareness and the path to awareness is through meditation.

My two cents.

Parminder Sohal
57 months ago

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