What is the essential difference between the terms digitalisation and digitisation?


Lately, I have been observing many speakers using these two words across their preentations generously.
I would like the experts to shed more light on these terms, and what they mean. Opinions are welcomes as well.

Dr. Qazi Mamoon
35 months ago

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There's quite a bit written about this. My summary is that:

  • -Digitisation is conversion of data from analogue to digital.
  • -Digitalisation is application of that conversion to organisational and social processes.

So digitisation is a foundation for digitalisation.
There's a much deeper discussion on this here:

Richard Heeks
35 months ago

Digitization is the conversion of data/information into digital format for computer storage, transmission, and manipulation.
Digitalization involves the adaptation of your business strategy and processes to use appropriate Information Technology tools to make more productive use of your digitized info.
These definitions have been used in my class notes. As stated previously, you can find much discussion online. Gartner has some nice charts showing the evolution of business operation based on these concepts.

Tom Muscarello
35 months ago

Taking the risk to sound controvertial, here is a slides that I use to use with audience not familiar with "digital" topics and often getting confused with the semantic.
That being said, yes there is a difference: I agree with Tom and Richard. If you are a purist you will want to employ the right wording of course, and I can't disgree with that.
In specific cases you must make sure to use the right term, but in my experience, as long as a crowd generally understands what it is about, I think of the following way to decribe "Digital Operational Transformation": (internal or external) customers benefit from the transformation but do not have to be aware of transformation steps

Remy Glaisner
35 months ago

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