Patient Centricity in the drug development process


How could patients be involved in the pricing and market access strategy for a new pharmaceutical medication?

Natalie Yeadon
42 months ago

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This is really tough question given the current sensitivities around drug pricing in general. That said, the diffult part is showing value of the pharmaceutical in the overall quality of life and outcomes for the patient.
Including patients early in pricing and market access process may provide insights on a couple of things:
Price tolerance (how much are people willing to pay)
An understanding of what outcomes mean to people taking the med or with the condition being treated, and
By involving active participants during clinical trials can help understand what that optimal treatment (beyond the pill) might be.
The how:
Provide information to participants about the clinical trials they are participating in and the outcomes of these trials once finished
Have focus groups of individuals who have the condition being treated to understand their unmet needs, what they currently pay for medicines (in context of their medical coverage)
Have patients and/or their caregivers participate in workshops or committees within pharma/life science organizations when new processes, policies, or ethical concerns are being addressed

Vera Rulon
40 months ago

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