Digital media tips for start up CPG brands


What are basic tips for starting a digital and social media campaign for small CPG brands?

Mary Wirtz Cooper
59 months ago

2 answers


The basic tips for starting a digital and social media campaign is as following:

  • You need to understand which markets you need to address and what is your competition.
  • How you will build the awareness program for these markets
  • Then what channels you would like to use to address these markets
  • How to create gravitation or pull program which provide experience or taste for your products.
  • how to take these customers who appreciated the product and take their feedback to the market
  • How to give a sample free or create a discount program to bring the awareness to the market.

If you address these questions, then it will start showing you the roadmap then see which digital channel is best suited for these initiatives.

my two cents!

Parminder Sohal
50 months ago

Understand the market, your customers and then select the right channel. Try to benchmark with your competitors. Conduct a SWOT analysis to develop your business identifying short and long terms strategies. Be flexible, digital channels could suddenly change at any time. What is working now could not be useful shortly, on the other side a new channel could pop up in a few months.

Paolo Beffagnotti
50 months ago

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