Corporate and Consumer Social Responsibility


Do you think, consumer behavior has correctly addressed new tendencies of ethical consumption, citizens should be responsible not only of their purchasing choices, but also of the influence that their daily acts and decisions will have on the economic, social and environmental spheres of life? This Personal Social Responsibility as a new concept, based on the concepts of Corporate and Consumer Social Responsibility, providing a theoretical framework as a starting point for future empirical research, response to the increasing demand of societies to have more responsible, ethical, transparent and respectable public and private organizations.

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Jatindranath Das
10 months ago

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It would be an interesting exercise to integrate models of coroprate and consumer responsibility with more traditional consumer behaviour models to see what insights can be gleaned. Sounds like something that needs a longitudinal study though.

Kevin Doolin
10 months ago
Thanks, Good submission,However,Consumer behavior is that how individual customers, groups or organizations select, buy, use, and dispose ideas, goods, and services to satisfy their needs and wants. It is their responsibility for the environmental costs and consequences of what purchase and use. A consumer has to be mindful of the safety and quality of products and services before purchasing . - Jatindranath 10 months ago

It has been common for companies to refer to their 'value chain' and look to ways of maximising profit for themselves within that chain. Now must be the time to look at this as a 'social responsibility chain' and this has to include the final consumer. That T-shirt might be cheap but if it has been made in an Indian sweat shop but children, we have to stop buying them and buying from companies that use this manufacturers.
I know things have improved recently but we still have a very long way to go as consumers to make our responsibility felt by the people we buy from.

David Cottrell
9 months ago
Thanks, Yes Sir, I agree with you. Actually consumer awareness is required more. So that they can know their responsibility to value the product what they use. - Jatindranath 9 months ago

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Naina Abbas
9 months ago

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