What is the impact of AI on Cybersecurity?


With emerging technologies, the availability of data at every point of customer interaction has increased. Consequently, the need to monitor and secure the data has increased. With data being gathered, monitored, and analyzed at incredible speed, AI applications in cybersecurity play a pivotal role in data security, accuracy, prevention of misuse. Experts believe that Artificial Intelligence has both negative and positive effects on cybersecurity. AI algorithms use training data to learn how to respond to different situations.

Some examples of AI in cybersecurity have been seen in the finance sector and other sectors. Darktrace also uses AI to develop its cybersecurity products such as Antigena, a powerful AI-based cybersecurity product for incident response and protection of data and infrastructure. Ipreo also uses the Enterprise Immune System to identify threats across the digital network from cloud services to industrial control systems. The product uses AI to monitor users and devices, and workflows to understand behavior across the digital environment making sure the organization is safe from ransomware. 

Artificial Intelligence
Sola Omoyiola
2 months ago

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The world is going digital at an unprecedentedly fast pace, and the change is only going to go even faster. With cyber-attacks growing steadily in both complexity and volume, conventional methods to identify threats and malware are failing. Security analyst and experts are of the opinion that Ai is best for securing the cyberspace of potential password theft and also identifying and counteracting sophisticated criminal activities without the need for extensive human intervention.

Marcel Onyeukwu
1 month ago

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