A tricky question about sustainability


It is a tricky question, however, always unfold interesting answers: "Sustainability has to be consumed through products and services to be learned?"

Environmental Education
Marcio Dupont
17 months ago

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Sustainable Development is  centre-stage of all discussion in the arena of economic, environmental, social, educational activities runs in perpetuity remaining same, which meets the needs of the presents without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their needs. It satisfies the triple bottom lines of environmental protection, economic development and social security, which is always for people, planet and prosperity in other words; it's for environment (protection), economy (prosperity) and (social) equity.

Jatindranath Das
17 months ago
Thanks! My question was motivated by the idea that only whom can buy sustainable products will learn to be sustainable. On the other hand the population that can not consume sustainable products and services will be left aside. Best! - Marcio 17 months ago
Thanks Sir, I agree with you, you are correct. There may no requirement to purchase sustainable product, goods and services. But it reduces impact on the environment, address social issues, improve livelihoods of individuals and communities as well as business reputation and save money over product or service. - Jatindranath 17 months ago
Hi Thanks for the feedback. What about the people left behind? Because they cannot afford sustainable products or services. For them who cannot consume, it is only left ecological education until they have the meanings to consume better products and services. Best - Marcio 17 months ago
Yes,, I agree. Consumers should not think that only they are controlling choices they make. It is responsibility of companies also to provide sustainability, durability and traceability for their services and products and also give affordable prices to achieve the common goal to sustainable lifestyle. In order to succeed in that, we need fast actions from politicians in policy making & regulation - Jatindranath 17 months ago

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