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More and more passenger Cars are boasting of enhanced levels of built-in intelligence, wherein they assist the driver in safe driving. Some have gone to the extent of saying that the Car takes care of collision-avoidance even if the driver isn't paying attention.
In your opinion, is this the right way forward?
Should we let the Drivers relax beyond a certain level, unless its a fully autonomous Car (sans a driver)?
Also, what are the consequences of any onboard computer malfunction leading to accidents?

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Virender Kumar
2 months ago

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I think that it should follow the 80-20 principle. The control of the car should be through various intelligence systems only, while the attention of the driver should be only to monitor and ensure the efficient functioning of these systems. He should not be invoved in any aspect of driving, directly. However the option to over-ride all controls should be available to him, so that it can be exercised in dire need.

Lt Col Ranvir Singh
2 months ago

Self-driving cars represent the next generation of personal vehicles. There's a potential impact we can have if we get self-driving cars on the road. Not just for the economy, but for our society. Most of these cars are yet to arrive — and it is likely to be years before they do. Self-driving cars are likely to use high-definition maps. The idea is that if you know where you’re going to be driving, then you know a lot about the environment. The maps can estimate things like where the traffic lies, where the lane is and that’s another big piece of surviving. The car goes online and localizes itself in this map and imports the knowledge of the environment. This is the other piece of self-driving cars, and it’s different from what humans do. People who found it difficult to leave their homes will be able to go out with less effort than ever before. Imagine the elderly neighbour who struggles to walk to the nearest convenience store, they will now be able to summon a driverless car for essential and social meetings and, in turn, be less isolated. Intelligent cars are set to change our whole social structure, and impact our future beyond just our commute. Intelligent cars has also proven to be essential in the fight against the pandemic in some countries, easing the burden of covid-19 by transporting necessary medical supplies and food to health-care professionals and the public in infected areas and disinfecting hospitals and public surfaces to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Egwuenu precious
2 months ago

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