Those at the bottom of the pyramid, have the most to gain from AI.


With the national governments speeding up their AI program implementations, it is felt that "those who have the least have the most to gain from AI." How far do you agree with this ? Give instances where those at the bottom of the pyramid have gained the most.

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Virender Kumar
19 months ago

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Hi Virender Kumar
I feel the opposite, the bottom of the pyramid will have access only to cheap and average AI like mobiles, watches and access to public service with AI and city services like buses and subway.
However only the rich or high middle class will have access to high quality AI such as smart homes, top healthcare gadgets, top AI technology, AI companion, robots, Tesla and whatever it cames in the near future. Governments can make accessible as a public service, but when talking about personal consumption it is a different matter. Best!

Marcio Dupont
19 months ago
I agree with you Marcio, but the moot point is that when the Govts use AI implementations for social programmes the benefit will be to a much wider audience and in a shorter time frame. People with means can always get what they want, but its the 'don't haves' who're likely to benefit most. Maybe that's what I feel is going to happen in India. - Virender 19 months ago

Virender Kumar, it is interesting to think about those options. In my government experience I have been worked with government agencies of all sizes and have found that whether small or large, they are each doing similar projects, but to different scales.

I can see the idea of "those with the least have the most to gain", working when it comes to process (robotic) automation. Maybe those smaller governments can utilize RPA AI to handle tasks that would free up or supplement someone to provide another service or task. However, I also see those with more resources and funding will have the ability to put more time and money into AI to fully utilize it beyond those with less can even begin to think about.

Jeff Scheetz, CGCIO
19 months ago
That's so true Jeff, about the divide between the rich and the poor countries. However, after some time technology becomes a big leveller. The rich may get the benefits first, but the others would soon follow in their implementation footsteps. - Virender 19 months ago
Hi Virender Kumar Here in Brazil, AI through government will benefit many in terms of mobility, safety and health services. It is undeniable, however "those with the least have the most to gain" the basic and cheap AI. Technology it is a leveller but to a certain point, beyond that you need to have money to access the best of it, as happens in life itself. Kind regards! - Marcio 19 months ago

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