How do you ensure that elderly people have mobility at home during the pandemic?


Given that elderly people are locked in the homes, how do we ensure that they do not remain stagnant? For one, most of them are probably just either in front of the television. Second, most of them are probably not motivated to move. Third, they do not have social activities or other hands-on activities where they can work their hands and brains. Do you have any suggestions we can recommend and implement for seniors at home during this pandemic?

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Janelle Cua
20 months ago

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Starting point for a future startup I would say. You have some AI companion that monitor seniors at home and somehow stimulate them to exercise. However it is a difficult task, they might need or want human interaction.

Marcio Dupont
19 months ago

Assuming you're patient, setting up your loved one with online games likes bridge or scrabble where they can interact online with their friends virtually helps to keep them socially engaged

Jon Bradbury
19 months ago

Elderly need physical, mental and emotional mobility.
- encourage your loved ones to join online yoga or walking classes for light exercise daily
- Get them to download some really easy and brain stimulating games on their mobile devices - crossword puzzled, Sudoku etc
- Converse with them regularly on chats and through video calls
- Help them network with their old friends and peers
- They can also practise guided meditation through apps.
All this .. till the start up that Marcio Dupont suggested

Renuka Garg
19 months ago
Thanks, very kind, Indeed is a great and real need with a global market for a statup proposal. Best! - Marcio 19 months ago

Physical activity in life reduces the risk of disease, helps to manage existing conditions, and develops and maintains physical and mental function. Staying physically active is particularly important for older adults currently.

Egwuenu precious
19 months ago

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