Weakest link in all digital marketing


Do you believe that attribution is the weakest link in all digital marketing tools?

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Katrina Ngo
17 months ago

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It's a weak point but maybe not the weakest. People can see and copy but not necessarily will be successful doing it.

Paolo Beffagnotti
17 months ago
Marketing attribution tools will help marketers to not get lost in this diversity of marketing channels, and prioritize them properly. It is going to bring a lot of changes, innovations, and opportunities. The digital era bring us a diverse range of technology tools to help marketers which also bring many challenges for digital marketing. - Jatindranath 13 months ago

Marketing Attribution offers an understanding of what set of events influence users to act in a buying behavior. This desired behavior is normally referred to as a conversion. Digital marketing attribution is a method of identifying a user’s action that contributes in some manner to a desired result for selling and then assigning a value to each of these actions.

Jatindranath Das
13 months ago

It's an interesting article and proposition. And this sh!t really happens. There is lots of fraud in the digital ads industry. However, attribution has always been a problem for marketers starting with print ads then going to radio, TV, online and beyond.

As for the article, there are some key issues with it since it is self-serving (written by a provider of technology to address the issues raised) and generalizes that "digital marketing" is made up of only digital ads (digital marketing is so much more than ads and includes email, search, webinars, partner/channel, data, personalization, etc.).

Based on this article you can't say that attribution as the weakest link in "digital marketing tools" however, it might actually be the weakest link for digital ads.

My opinion is that relevance, personalization, and customer experience are most often the weakest links in digital marketing. This is due to the fact so many marketers use lots of their budget and resources on acquisition yet suffer high bounce rates and low conversions because they either attract the wrong audiences or, most likely, can't deliver on the brand or value proposition of the ads. Similarly, these same companies use significant budget and resources on known or identified visitors that are in their CRM or email database, even though this represents less than 10% of visitors for vast majority of marketers. In between they just use a big bat and hammer new visitors with offers or email signup calls to action. What about engaging these people BEFORE trying to convert them? Or how about using micro-conversions like first click, second click, first return visit, etc. as the initial KPIs?

The biggest website audience for almost every marketer is the anonymous audience: visitors that are net new, who you can't identify or correlate to a specific profile or contact record, and even those where yu don't have a cookie. According to Adobe, 98% of all website visitors are anonymous. My own experience with both B2C and B2B marketers puts the anonymous audience at 2-10%. This "segment" is where the majority of future growth and revenue will come from.

Therefore, my assertion is that relevance, personalization, and customer experience, especially for the anonymous adience, is the weakest link in digital marketing.

Stefan Eyram
13 months ago
Thanks, yoy have provided many information about digital marketing. HoweverDigital marketing tools help to execute a proper strategy, the right technology stack can really help zoom past the competition. Some tools out there are foundational things like email marketing, web forms, analytics, and a CRM. However, other tools are more specialized, including keyword rank trackers, or design tools. - Jatindranath 13 months ago

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