Participating in face to face research post-COVID


How are others finding consumer engagement at this time? Here in the UK, some research facilities are starting to open again, and some participant polls suggest many are willing to attend as long as safety measures are in place. But I have my concerns about a) ability to get a true gauge on feelings if everyone is masked or on edge and b) whether in practice there will be a lot of 'no shows' if respondents realise it may mean more hassle/a risky trip by public transport to get there and c) rising costs to the client as a result of extra measures. Is this true in others' experience? Here, some are turning to online groups instead, but they have their limitations - am willing to be convinced by any great examples of making them work well though!

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Nanda Marchant
1 month ago

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It will depend on your audience. I work primarily with local, city, and state government. about 75% of these agencies has disallowed any face to face meetings, and many of their employees are still working remotely. I have found that people are willing to engage on the phone and have meaningful dialogue. Webinars, on the other hand, are being used as "things to put on my calendar so my boss thinks I'm working".

Hal Bennick
1 month ago
Thanks Hal. I think you're right about audience. I undertake a lot of FMCG research and we really need to speak to people in their moment of shopping at shelf, to understand purchase behaviour and brand choice etc. Though some research can be done online using virtual reality, this is expensive and not always appropriate, nor is a phone approach practical so my clients are keen to get going again. - Nanda 30 days ago

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