Work Remotely and Mental health!


We never knew how life will change in 2020 for all, and world will start thinking of new ways to live, work and do other activities which we used to do till pre-coronavirus. Now, as twitter mentioned that there employees can work from home for ever and other Otganizations are also thinking somewhat on same lines. This is good, people feel more productive working remotely and also have time to for their families. BUT, my questions is will it somewhere isolate an individual from the social fabric, won't it affect Mental health in long run as person is confined to his room with laptop. Working from Home once or twice in a week is fine but forever, I am not sure. What is your thought?

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Masarrat A Shah
13 months ago

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It really depends on the individual. If the individual is very interpersonal or extroverted, they may prefer being around people. If they are very intrapersonal or introverted, they may be comfortable working on their own. Regardless, working from home will change many dynamics - living situation, work culture, habits, daily job duties. etc. A person's personality will have to be able to adapt. Also, unless a discipline is in place regarding having a set work-place and schedule, the convenience of a home office can burn someone out or worse, affect their mental health via additional anxiety and stress. Due to this, individuals should practice self care for spiritual, mental, emotional and physical rest and restoration.

Vic Clesceri
13 months ago
Vic Clesceri, totallt agree you are spot ON. We need not to burn out ourselves. - Masarrat A 13 months ago

I agree with Vic Clesceri that working from home really depends on the individual but also the family dynamics and other activities. It may be easier for a person living alone to work from home but more difficult for a person with a large family. It also depends on how involved a person is in things outside of work. If work is all the person does than that outlet of seeing co-workers and feeling the energy of being in an office has changed so that person regardless of introvert or extrovert would be heavily impacted. Whereas someone that is involved in hobbies, charities, sports, etc. outside of work may have an easier adaptation to always working from home.

Cristen Taylor, MBA
13 months ago
Cristen Taylor, MBA, rightly said it depends on individual to individual and how under various circumstances they cope up. - Masarrat A 13 months ago

So much of this will depend on the role. I have been working from home for 15 years, with a very large family at home. You would need to triple my salary for me to go back to an office. I travel 50-75%, and if I'm not on the road, I want to be home.

Hal Bennick
12 months ago

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