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Lockdown is new norm and all over the Globe employees are working from home and delivering at their best, making sure their work is not affected and are conscious about Client Satisfaction. However, Companies also need to keep in mind how to keep their employees engaged and motivated as there are issues related to mental fatigue and stress under these unprecedented situations. As, we used to have people engagement events and jams while at our work places, now we need same events virtually, using various tools. And I must say here #HR has to play very key role in getting all employees together and engage them. Managers need to do their part by engaging with their teams more frequently and start activities apart from daily work briefing, like virtual potluck, quizzes etc. Senior Leadership need to engage with employees, do virtual All Hand Meets and share their experiences and so on. So, what is your take, how are you engaging with teams and employees under this Lockdown.

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Masarrat A Shah
9 months ago

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It's too easy to schedule Zoom or other teleconferencing meetings with my team. I've put the following in place.

Scheduling Meetings

  1. We WILL schedule 25 vs 30 minute meetings or 55 vs 60 minute meetings, to allow for a quick break in between meetings.
  2. If a meeting requires less than 25 minutes, MAKE a phone call.
  3. If meetings can end early, DO SO and not simply take the time because it was scheduled.
  4. We WILL NOT schedule nor accept meetings (unless emergency or customer) during lunch.
  5. We WILL NOT schedule nor accept meetings (unless emergency or customer) before 8a or after 5p.
  6. We WILL NOT schedule people for meetings that forces their schedules to be back-to-back (unless emergency or customer).

Meeting Agendas

  1. Each meeting MUST include a problem statement/opportunity with identified meeting objectives.
  2. DO NOT accept meetings without a problem statement/opportunity with identified meeting objectives.
  3. CONSIDER stakeholder participation (mandatory vs optional). Identify that in selecting them and also in the body of the invite. Also, if optional, is the meeting necessary or is there another way to inform.
  4. If prep is needed prior to the meeting, ALL DOCUMENTATION and clarity MUST BE provided.

Time Management

  1. Schedule blocks of time within your calendar for emails, project work, development, etc.). Make this time non-negotiable to create balance in your schedule.
  2. Take time for self-care and for lunch.
  3. Learn when to shut down, as it's too easy to start earlier than 8 and end later than 5 due to the home office being too convenient.

I'm holding my directors accountable to lead this individually and within their teams.

Vic Clesceri
8 months ago
Hey Vic Clesceri, wonderful to see your plans and detailed agenda. Good to see how you guys are working and engaging your teams, - Masarrat A 8 months ago
Excellent feedback - Maria Oti 8 months ago

We continue to ensure that the new normal is a group forward thinking

Maria Oti Wooster
8 months ago
Maria Oti Wooster that's good, so what all you do in this new normal? - Masarrat A 8 months ago

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