Patient remote monitoring in Europe


Future for the private healthcare will be developing new services patient oriented in "on-line hospital" mode ... what are the Top 3 services do you think can be the most implemented in the 3 next years ?

Healthcare Information Technology
Healthcare Management
Healthcare Information Technology (HIT)
Josep Bardallo
2 months ago

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This is a great question, especially now when it is required to priorititze between the patients with routine/regular healthcare requirements and those who require immediate response. Remote monitoring services can be provided for the following:

  1. Technology for viewing Visible symptoms like sneezing, coughing, heavy breathing, etc., when monitored can be used to diagnose a particular illness.
  2. Technology for plugging in machines at home like blood pressure or diabetes monitoring devices can assist in online advising dosage of usual medicines taken by the patients.
  3. Technolgy to self-determine a disease by assessing it through symptoms in the database. This could be tricky as some diseases have similar symptoms.
Pramela Nair Panthallor - PhD
2 months ago

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