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I am using different collaboration tools at this time to connect with the broader team and external companies.
I have tested Blue Jeans, Cisco Webex, Yammer, Slack, Zoho, Skype and Zoom. So far the best one is Blue Jeans, it's easy to use and to be able to deal with a huge number of users at the same time. It's easy to start as a presenter and then give the floor to someone else. Many dial-in numbers are available and the chat open during the meeting is really supportive. Do you have any experience with these or use different ones? Any feedback you want to share?

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Paolo Beffagnotti
21 months ago

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We've been using Zoom for almost everything. The main reason for it is that essentially every client has it already installed and is familiar with the interface. We've used Blue Jeans (primarily with one particular client) and it's also good... but functionally indistinguishable from our perspective.

What we HAVE been seeing, especially during this pandemic, is a shift to more acceptance of hand-held video tools. Facetime is the standard for this. While I've never tried it myself, I hear SO much good experience from people with the Facebook Portal for video conference. The smart camera is apparently an ideal solution to a common framing problem.

Interested to hear other experiences. Also, was this about fur?

Daniel Berkal
21 months ago
Thanks for sharing your feedback. I just joined a call on Zoom with thousands of members and it worked pretty well. - Paolo 21 months ago

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