Digital - Enabler or Disruptor


Is Digital more of a disruptor or an enabler?

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Abhijit Bhavsar
25 months ago

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It could be both, a disruptor when replacing an existing business, an enabler when bringing tech into the retail model.

Paolo Beffagnotti
25 months ago
Thanks Paolo - any examples you would want to give in terms of disruptions (beyond our regular examples of AirBnB, Uber) - Abhijit 25 months ago

It is enabler but at the cost of extreme disruption , in a positive sense. Disruption in the sense of dramatic change that world would under go and enabler due to promising solutions it can offer. it goes the way of old sayings , no pain no gain.

Mehul B
25 months ago
Hi Mehul Bhogaita - thanks for sharing your thoughts. Can you elaborate further to understand better? Examples would be welcome. - Abhijit 25 months ago

I agree with Paolo - it is both enabler and disruptor.  Enabling by enhancing brands and reaching a broader audience.  Disruptor by replacing - example email instead of handwriting letters.

Cristen Taylor, MBA
24 months ago

Abhijit Bhavsar I think your question is too limited. What is meant by digital, do you mean software, do you mean hardware, do you mean communication, or what?? I apologise but, as an electronics engineer who has lived through the arrival and promulgation of digital technology I find it hard to see such questions.

Every technology has the potential to be both disruptive and enabling. Indeed, disruption is only successful because it is enabling. Maybe if you provided some examples of where you see the dilemma it would be easier to respond with more helpful insights.

Jordan Green
24 months ago
Hi Jordan Green - thanks for asking this. One of the things I see is that Digital is too loosely worded and accordingly used by each organization to conveniently talk about their offerings and even differentiators. I would classify digital more into data, and its applications. - Abhijit 22 months ago
Thanks Abhijit Bhavsar for that clarification. Yes, it is loose and yet, I wouldn't have used digital as a synonym for data. If I rephrase your original question as "Is Data more of a disruptor or an enabler?" it still doesn't really focus the issue. - Jordan 22 months ago

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