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There is no doubt that, the cost is an important driver of cloud migration. The biggest benefits of the Cloud are, the speed of deployment, cost savings from flexible licensing models and reduction in maintenance costs, side-by-side with access to a more advanced feature set.
Most of the companies are happy with migrating to Cloud platform, they SaaS or IaaS or PaaS, and now we have Hybrid Cloud Integration in place where the client can keep it's legacy system intact and make use of Cloud technology. However, still there is a major chunk of customers or businessess who are still hesitant to move to new technology as they having doubts about Security, Loosing Legacy applications, employee training and up-skilling, and so on.
So how can we fix this doubt in Client's mind?

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Masarrat A Shah
9 months ago

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The cloud is not the best solution for everyone, especially if trust is a major issue. I know people who will not use a debit card because they do not trust it. They could put a DNS server in the cloud. Or use Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive for some data that isn't a security risk.

Jim Harbert
9 months ago
Jim Harbert, how can we make sure that companies who are adamant or not ready to move to Cloud what can be the options. - Masarrat A 9 months ago
The cloud is not the only options for businesses. If they do not want to use the cloud, then they don't have to. - Jim 9 months ago

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