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Reduce stress


Companies now invest resources for employees wellness. More than these, further personal activities such as yoga classes, mindfulness, spending time with friends and family, write things down can support. Which are your best practices to reduce stress?

Stress Management
Employee Wellness
Paolo Beffagnotti
2 months ago

2 answers


My best technique is planning. Having a consistent process to set goals, build plans and deliver them takes the stress out of so much.
I ensure that those plans and goals cover personal and professional areas of my life, so I can track what I am doing well on and where I need to focus.
Knowing I have a plan helps me handle the stress by giving me the confidence I am on track and I have it covered.

Mike Anthony
21 days ago
Good one, setting a plan, if realistic, is always a valuable support - Paolo 21 days ago

A lot comes from experience (responsibilities assigned, career progression) and your initial mental make-up (values inculcated while growing up). Mostly, I feel one has to take charge of one's life rather than feeling constrained by environment or circumstances.

Abhijit Bhavsar
14 days ago

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