Will Wi-Fi6 and 5G transform industry?


or these will be just a next step in the communication area? Will these be deployed together? Cisco mentioned that they will be more than a a good connection. Smart buildings, transportation and automative can be area of application. What is your prediction on these?

Paolo Beffagnotti
10 months ago

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This is another step in connectivity and service-delivery "evolution", not a truly transformative technology. Voice telephone was transformative, The science to study and analyze the heavens became transformative after it had evolved to the point of providing observations with sufficient definition that validated the propositions and theories the science developed; but it was not at first - it was just another way of looking at far away things up to that point.

Superluminous (faster-than-light) will be a serious breakthrough when it first happens, but it will have to evolve to the point of us being able to move at 100x multiples of light's speed before real space exploration will begin. When that happens a few hundred years from now, only then will the truly transformative effects be felt. But until that happens, we will spend decades exploring our little backwater planetary neighborhood, and taking months or years on each leg of every trip. But the discovery of FTL will be almost a pure accident - like the laser was - found when looking for something else. This question does not pose that kind of scenario.

I try not to predict such things - everyone I have ever read who has done this has turned out to be wrong, sometimes drastically. Too many factors in play that are too fluid and too many unknowns that render any forecasting highly suspect.

I will suggest this - given the nature of the technologies involved, and the fact that they both rely on the radio-electromagnetic energy spectrum, assessing the risks of "too much, too soon", the potential for spectrum conflict, other sorts of conflicts that could reasonably be anticipated, and similar types of troubles encountered when attempting to bring forth too much technology that requires to much change or adaptation of existing to implement properly - these and related problems could be figured in to development and deployment so that they could be staged in without many of these troubles happening.

I think it is better to see this as "evolutionary" rather than the way bombastic marketing folks like to spin things by calling them "transformative". That has been done often, with great mob effect, to boost sales specifically - and just as often the technology's possible positive impact was spoiled through poor planning, overselling, overpromising, and followed by bad deployment.

Ross A. Leo
10 months ago

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