ADA Accommodations in Testing Centers


We are a company that provides exam development and delivery services both via webcam and in person at testing centers. A fair number of test takers who take exams in our centers have vision deficits such that they are unable to see a computer screen well enough to succeed at passing the exam. In our US-based centers, our clients are required to meet ADA rules regarding providing accommodations; which means, in turn, so are we -- even though our centers are actually contracted vendors (we don't own any of the centers in our network).

Currently, we meet most vision-based accommodation requests by shipping laptops with popular screen magnification software and screen readers installed to testing centers. This process is time-consuming, expensive, and fraught with pain points for the clients, the test takers, and my company. So my question (to anybody who might have similar experience) is this: Is there a better way to address these requests that still meets the spirit and letter of ADA law but is also less painful for those touched by our current process?

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William Wilkins
8 months ago

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