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We all are doing our utmost best to keep up with work, society, constant changes and so on. Always making sure that we do not loose the pace of our life. Make sure that we prove to be worth and achieve the best what is expected from us. However, I have seen still people feel depressed and loose their ability to make that mark, why?,
what is that force which let's us down sometimes and makes us give up everything.
I think we should always keep ourselves pushing and challenging what ever the situation we are in, keep focus on being satisfied and happy. We don't need to be challenged by others but we should challenge ourselves and always keep ourselves on constant move. it's like having a shark in a tank of fishes, who are just reviving and evolving constantly because of it.
What is your thought of being healthy, happy and energetic?

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Masarrat A Shah
10 months ago

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In my experience, the number one reason people aren't happy is that they are operating with the wrong level of expectations. We've been taught that happiness is a constant, ever-present state of being and if we don't have that there is "something wrong with" us. And that just isn't the truth.

The truth is that happiness comes in small, wonderful moments that are to be enjoyed then and there, and then later as we revisit the wonderful memories formed in those moments. The rest of the time, we use the strength that comes with such moments of happiness to work through the more constant difficult moments with grace and good will.

In the past year, death has taken a favorite uncle, a favorite aunt, a brother, and one of my three children. My health is not great due to serious damage to my spine. And I'm going blind from macular degeneration. In that same period, I changed roles at my company to tackle the set up of our brand new CX platform. I have some stress going on, to say the least. But I know life works this way, and so I push on -- because I know there is a lot more serendipity ahead of me. I don't waste energy or happiness chasing happiness. It's on my path, so I will always have more of those wonderful moments. That is how I stay ... me.

William Wilkins
10 months ago
Thanks William Wilkins for sharing your story, you are the champion and was moved by your story, bravo. Wish you all the happiness and success. - Masarrat A 10 months ago

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