Can we reclassify CEO as Customer Experience Officer?


In a hypercompetitive business environment with fragile customer loyalties, a CEO's energies are increasingly getting diverted to the most important function/business thrive necessity>> Customer Delight. If he can channelise processes, people & strategies to meet this one goal, everything else will automatically be aligned to better profitability, social acceptability and long term sustainability. Irrespective of his/her background, a CEO is today focused on consistently scaling up Customer Experience outcomes. across different touchpoints with proactive innovations and bench-marked best practices.

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Anshumali Saxena
8 months ago

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I disagree. For a few reasons:

  1. Introduces confusion among customers (which kind of "CEO" does this vendor have?)
  2. Too many traditional CEOs have no understanding of CX; they would make poor CX leaders
  3. Playing with the role and responsibilities (or even just the traditional title) weakens that role -- a role which CX doesn't mitigate or replace

I struggle to think through any outcome where this idea goes as well in real life as it should on paper.

William Wilkins
8 months ago
Managing day to day operations (manufacturing/production, employee adminsitration etc is best left to COO, while the key growth drivers marketing, sales, and customer experience enhacement/delight is best left to the CEO. A CEO's prime role is to ensure that business keeps galloping forward and outguns competition and stays market relevant at all times. Thus CEO's primarily focuses on superior CX - Anshumali 8 months ago

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