the primary purpose of a university?


To what extent has the primary purpose of a university to make the students good citizens changed?

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Wasim Safdar
11 days ago

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I believe a great teacher, and education in general, should teach students to ask questions, form hypotheses, seek answers, and master content through exploration and dialogue with their peers, professors and professionals within the discipline being studied. In other words, it should be the goal of education to equip students with the necessary tools to be active learners and critical thinkers, in that they do not accept the ideas, beliefs, or concepts which others may place upon them, without seeking to discover for themselves whether these notions have any worth or validity. This to me is the primary purpose of education (regardless of the level) vs. making students good citizens.

Vic Clesceri
10 days ago
I agree with you Vic Clesceri, interesting insight. - Wasim 10 days ago

Now everyone is looking for shortcuts--jobs is the priority, as I see with my interactions with students.

Bo Chen
9 days ago

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