Duties and responsibility of Children towards their parents and in-laws.


It has been observed that parents are taking more care of their children. What is your view about duties and responsibility of children. Do you agree that son,daughter, son in-law and doughter-in law are taking responsibility of their parents and in-laws?

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Jatindranath Das
8 months ago

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Good question Jatindranath Das. I think this is a border question than in-laws. Has our education system gone too far to teach technology and "how to make money" forgetting about our values and who we are. Not just about parents in-laws but I see some cases even need to teach how to show responsibility and care towards own parents, teachers, adults,, children etc. If we just keep teaching how to become a "successful individual" with a good degree, good job and good money that is wrong, Once the connections we have with people around us are gone, we don't exists. In-laws is just one of those connections and we need to nurture and protect. Humans are social animals and not made to live alone.

Anu Rathninde
8 months ago

Accumulated wisdom and unshakable compassion for young children & their bizarre needs at times makes grandparents highly valuable to help groom kids into confident, self-assured & talented adults. They are able to replace insecurity & lacks of knowledge amongst children & first time parents with social, medical & psychological behaviour wisdom that is priceless. This is especially true for NRI folks who call upon their parents in their home countries to come over to spend time with their children to share cultural values and also help groom them with loving care and ample free time that they would lack due to everyday living-working stress. Indra Nooyi in one of her interviews has proposed this unique child upbringing model for NRI parents and its brilliant. Thus it makes business, social & karmic sense to look after your parents, elders and inlaws as they are better time-money-personality equipped to help with children upbringing than their own children who are often job stressed out.

Anshumali Saxena
7 months ago

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