BREXIT in Shambles !


After BJ took over as PM, we are seeing lot of mistrust towards him from the members of Opposition and even conservatives, Boris is playing card of being authoritarian by suspending the Parliament from next week till October, is that fair?
I am sure UK will not exit on 31Oct'2019. So, want to understand other opinions. Will it hit the UK economy majorly and could UK slip into Recession?

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Masarrat A Shah
5 months ago

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How long have you got Masarrat A Shah?

We will have a General Election before the end of October. Ideally it will happen before the next EU Summit, as the new leader would want to open negotiations on Brexit before the deadline date.

The EU don't want the Uk to leave without a deal, so a further extension is likely BUT what would a new deal look like? The issue that everyone is struggling with is the 499km of border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Without Customs controls on this border, unregulated goods could enter the EU.

The 'backstop' locks the UK into the EU until technology can be found to open the border but still control the flow of goods. Brexiteers cannot accept this as it potentially locks the UK into the EU forever.

Remainers argue that the 52% that initially voted to leave didn't understand what they were voting for and we should have another Referendum.

Democrats feel that the result of the first vote should be the rule of law.

The UK will eventually thrive, whatever option we end up with BUT this limbo that we find ourselves in for 3 years, will be what finally does the damage. No one wants to take any decisions or make plans without knowing where we will be after we leave the EU (if we still do).

Politicians are more concerned with their Party's future than the will of the people. Sack them all and start again!

This is a very emotive topic and I apologise for ranting!

David Cottrell
5 months ago
I understand David Cottrell, as we know when people were asked Yes/No, these nitty gritties were not explained and with that also it was almost 48% of population voted NO which just count. I feel one more refrendum should happen people should be asked again rather than fighting in Parliament. Let people Decide. - Masarrat A 5 months ago
I know what you mean but the people have already decided. - David 5 months ago

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